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Panasonic's CES booth tour

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Panny, Panny, Panny. Back again this year in the same superlong spot as always in the Central Hall, Panasonic had a lot to show off, including their veddy funnay 103-inch plasma display, 20-hour fuel cell-based laptop, and Blu-ray players. It was crowded as you'd expect it to be, but c'mon, it's Panasonic, you know? Or maybe it was the fact that they "convinced" Howie Mandel to demo the 103-incher to the crowd.

The Panny ampitheater. Jeopardy anyone?

Yup, that's the hundred-three incher.

They were also showing off a Blu-ray based home-theater environment.

Digital cameras demoed with and without Panasonic's Mega-OIS. The difference? Extremely noticeable.

This was their 20-hour fuel cell. Tres impressive.

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