It seems to be more conjecture than anything, but AppleInsider has some rumoring from "people familiar with the company's plans" that say Apple is planning a Front Row equipped "iBook" this spring. No word yet if the new iBooks will borrow any naming conventions from their MacBook Pro brethren, but the supposed 13-inch laptops will be borrowing just about everything else, including Front Row, the Apple Remote, a built-in iSight camera, and the Yonah chipset; though they assume the new laptops will be limited to the 1.67GHz Core Solo processors. They're also saying the new consumer oriented laptops will retain a single Firewire 400 port and stay close to their current white-clad design, though supposedly Apple has been toying around with the idea of a black version, but no one has sighted such a version yet. Again, doesn't seem like much more than some reasonable conjecturing, though the iSight and Front Row abilities sound like nice additions for laptops that are supposed to hit a sub-$1000 starting price point.

[Thanks, Dave]