Blueado's m5e WMCE shoe box

Blueado's m5e Windows Media Center
Blueado's m5e might look like a $1,500 shoe box, but it's actually a $1,500 Windows Media Center PC shaped like a shoe box. You can either fit a pair of size 12 boots in it, or you can take advantage of it's two TV tuners, 200 GB of storage, 6.1 DTS Digital Audio and DVI-out connection. While the m5e actually isn't blue at all, it is just a shade over 4-inches tall, less than 8-inches wide and a foot long. Blueado doesn't specifically mention if one of the TV tuners is an ATSC tuner and we're sure that if you wanted to add one, you'd need a shoehorn to fit it.

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