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Motorola SLVR L7 review roundup

Marc Perton

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Cingular began selling Motorola's SLVR L7 just three days ago, but critics have wasted little time checking it out, and the net is already being flooding with reviews. Not surprisingly, a lot of the reviews reach similar conclusions: stylish phone, so-so music player. After all, the SLVR L7's iTunes implementation is basically the same as the one on the much-beloved ROKR E1, meaning it's limited to just 100 songs. That hasn't stopped Cingular from promoting iTunes as the main feature behind the SLVR; promotional materials and the phone's retail box proclaim "iTunes Cingular" in big letters, with the phone's model name in almost invisble text. However, we suspect that most buyers will know what they're looking for. This isn't the ROKR, and people will be buying this as a SLVR first, and a musicphone second, no matter what Cingular says or does. Here are the reviews we've found so far. Be sure to add any others that you've found in the comments so we can keep the list up to date!

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