Initial HD-DVDs to be 1080i

HD-DVD player
This little tidbit in Ultimate AV was timely with Ben's post on HDMI supporting 1080p. Turns out that while the HDMI spec does support it, the first HD-DVD discs on the market will be 1080 interlaced, not progressive. Everything we've read so far on Blu-Ray indicate that they will be pressed at 1080p, which when you consider graphics capabilities of a related Sony product (the Playstation 3), that's not surprising. The real question is: do you continue to hold off on an HD-DVD player or is this not a deal breaker? The player will support 1080p so the next iteration of discs will "catch up". There also aren't that many HDTVs that can accept a 1080p signal just yet, so the whole point may be moot. Thoughts?