When we first saw "interactive touch-screen display" in the tips jar, it made us think of playing MegaTouch 9000 at a seedy bar and we were about to toss it in the ol' recycling bin. Then we decided to give the linked vid a look, and discovered that NYU's Multi-Touch Sensing through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection Display (1. We swear that's what it's really called, and 2. Can any marketing majors out there please give these guys a hand?) is way cooler than Trivia Whiz or Photo Hunt. Using a rear-projector that throws an image onto a screen similar in composition to  fingerprint scanners, Jeff Han and his team at the Media Research Laboratory have built a scalable system that allows multiple points of input by one or more users (think: digital conference table). Some of the stuff they do in the video is wild, such as two-handed scratching of digital turntables, and future iterations of the project will attempt finger-specific recognition for an even higher degree of flexibility.

[Thanks, Ryan]

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