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Enter the I-Cat, I-Dog Pup, and black/pink I-Dog

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Feline fanciers need fret no more about their ability to get an I-pet in the animalia family of their choice, today Tiger Electronics announced the I-Cat, probably in occasion of the American International Toy Fair going down. We know the I-Cat and its newly announced friends -- including the I-Pup (which sits in front of speakers instead of getting line-in), black and pink I-Dogs, and I-Dog Chill set -- may be slightly more palatable to the American toy audience than the I-Fish, but we have to admit that we were a little bummed when the little guppy wasn't announced. Expect kitty and puppy this fall for $30 and $15, respectively, and the new I-Dog colors this spring for $30.

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