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Live from CeBIT: Hands-on with the Samsung XC-WL1N wireless sport cam


Fancy yourself eXtreme bro? Then check it 'cause Samsung just went wireless with that "lipstick camera" linked to their sport camcorder, the SC-X210L. Good move Samsung, afterall when you're bombin' that hill the last thing you need is a wire tethered-up to the ol' brain-bucket, eh? The new cam and (unspecified) wireless-embedded battery pack are good-to-go at a distance of about 3 meters although the hands-on demo dropped vid whenever the path 'tween cam and pack was obstructed. Can you say, prototype? Expect the pair to launch globally in April/May for a yet to be determined price. More pics after the break.

The cam.

On the flip.

The wireless battery pack bulgin' on the right.

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