Playstation 3: Coming to North America (and the world) in 2006

PS3 Coming to America in 2006Check out Joystiq's continuing updates of Sony's Playstation Conference for more information, but lets get down the key facts:
  • Worldwide (Asia, Europe, North America) launch in early November
  • 1 million units shipped every month, total of 6 million shipped by the end of 2006
  • 100% backwards compatible with existing PS1 & PS2 titles, will upconvert to HD resolutions
  • Latest HDMI connectors (1.3?)
  • 60GB HDD "required", supports Linux, acts as a media server
  • All PS3 games will ship on Blu-ray discs to prevent piracy
  • PS3 online service will feature matchmaking, downloads; free "basic" service
  • Developers will get final kits in June
  • PS3 is "4D"
  • The conference is over, no games, no price announced
Well there we have it, more hardware details, and still so many questions. But at least it is launching in 2006, I don't know if we could survive another Christmas without "true" high definition. One thing is for sure, just when it looked like Sony might be slipping, they have come back with a big plan for continued worldwide dominance. Anyone want to place odds on if they can pull it off?