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LG brings their 71-inch plasma to the US


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It might not seem very cutting edge to get a "new" display from LG a year and a half after its Korean debut, but we suppose we should be used to it by now. LG is just now releasing their 71-inch, 1080p MW-71PY10 plasma display in the states, which features a 1200:1 contrast ratio, along with plenty of HDMI, DVI, and component inputs. To celebrate the launch, LG hosted red carpet events at Ken Cranes Home Entertainment in LA and Sixth Avenue Electronics a bit north of NYC. With celebrity guests like Stacy Keibler (of "Dancing with the Stars"), it sounded a bit too high falutin for our taste. But so does the 71-inch display, which rings up at an incredibly hefty $70,000 MSRP (or $28k as found online). Now where did we put that credit card...

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