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Maingear's Prysma does Viiv Egyptian-style


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We knew that shady Viiv spec had a few tricks up its sleeve, and apparently they involve completely pointless (well, rather pointed in this case) yet strangely mesmerizing form factors. The new pyramid-shaped Prysma Media Center PC from game PC manufacturer Maingear has support for the Viiv spec, and though the $1752 base configuration has a mere 512MB of RAM, 80GB HDD, and integrated graphics, there's plenty of room to grow. Of course, in keeping with the Viiv spec, there is gigabit Ethernet, 7.1 Intel HD Audio, and a Pentium D 920 Dual Core 2.8Ghz processor, so the PC should at least be able to push around a bit of HD content if you can manage to find some. Maingear rounds out the Prysma with dual NTSC tuners and some pricey ($299) custom color options.

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