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Treo Hollywood sighted for reals?


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Enough with that sketchwardo, sparkle blue, antenna-free Treo we've been seeing around, these new pics seem to be more like the real "Hollywood" deal. Just as rumored, the phone is slimmer than the 700 and 650, and antenna free as well. The profile actually looks a bit BlackBerry-esque, but the front is all Treo. Palm OS loyalists among us won't be so excited to see Windows Mobile 5.0 running on this thing, but just keep in mind Ed Colligan's word that Palm OS isn't going anywhere, we're sure a Palm OS version of this unit will follow soon. There's no carrier branding on this unit, but the tipster reported 67KB/s speeds on Cingular's UMTS 1900 network, along with a 300MHz processor, 1.3 megapixel camera, and that fairly tired 240 x 240 display. Of course, these pics are a bit blurry, and we shouldn't expect the gospel truth on this device until Palm trots it out at a press conference (if then), but it's looking good so far.

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