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Epson Endeavor MR3000 desktop with Blu-ray option

Marc Perton

Epson may be first out the door with a PC using Panasonic's recently announced LF-MB121JD Blu-ray drive (or at very least, they're one of the first to announce such plans). Epson will make the drive available as an option in its new Endeavor MR3000 build-to-order desktop. The PC is available in a variety of configurations, with prices starting at ¥60,900 (about $520), but with the Panny Blu-ray drive, the price will start at ¥126,000 ($1,074 -- ahem!). The MR3000 is expected to begin shipping in mid-May, though the BD version, presumably, won't be available until June at the soonest, which is when Panny expects to start shipping the LF-MB121JD.

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