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    Roku SoundBridge Radio reviewed

    Ryan Block, @ryan

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    Playlist took Roku's SoundBridge Radio for a spin on everyone's behalf, in case you were thinking of making the a purchase on a wireless audio streaming device, perhaps for a bedroom or den. For a device whose main purpose is wireless music we're a little surprised it doesn't have RDS (Radio Data System) or WPA support, and requires manual hex WEP key input instead of ASCII. But if you an look past that and the quirky interface, the SoundBridge's UPnP support, built-in configuration web server, bright fluorescent display, iTunes library sharing (so long as it's not Apple Lossless or FairPlay DRMed audio), PlaysForSure, Rhapsody, and Windows Media Connect support, and SD slot are all to be appreciated. Which must be why Playlist gave it a four out of five, um, playlist icons, even despite that $400 price tag.

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