Engadget Podcast 079 - 05.10.06

Podcast logoSony may have had their fun on Monday, but Tuesday turned out to be one of the news-packed days of the gaming year thus far. Nintendo decided to one-up Sony by adding additional speaker support for the Wiimote, demo actual Wii gameplay, and generally pump up and hype out their next console like nobody's business. Shortly thereafter Microsoft set us off with some footage of up and coming 360 titles, as well as some new periphs, including the vaguely maligned and long awaited Xbox 360 HD DVD drive. Joystiq editor Vlad Cole steps to the mic and joins Ryan for today's Engadget podcast -- one merely consisting of lengthy pontifications on the two gaming giants' moves against their respective competition.

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Ryan Block

Joystiq's Vlad Cole

Randall Bennett

J J J - 'Suits' in Japan

1:04:58, 29.4 MB, MP3

00:00 - Nintendo's keynote
32:30 - Microsoft's keynote


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