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Possible details emerge on Samsung D830

Ryan Block , @ryan

We caught a brief glimpse of the Samsung D830 not too long ago during CommunicAsia, but it looks like some pics and specs are surfacing about the slimmer-than-thou RAZR competitor. Apparently the 9.9mm thick clamshell will have tri-band GPRS / EDGE, a capacious QVGA display and cramped but functional 96 x 16 external screen, Micro SD, 80MB internal memory, Bluetooth, mini USB, and 2 megapixel camera. Mostly standard fare (ok, so we didn't see the QVGA display coming), but a price still seems out of reach. Then again, this all came from a Hungarian mobile site, so there's little here we can trust, anyway, barring those pretty convincing pics.

[Thanks, Harel]

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