Eagle Rock to bring 'The Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up' to HD DVD/Blu-ray/DVD before MI:III

It looks like Tom Cruse isn't going to have the chance to be in the first film that will be release on DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray all at the sametime. That esteem honor is going the The Pat Metheny Group when Eagle Rock Entertainment releases The Way Up concert on all three formats October 3, which makes it a few weeks before Mission Impossible III. Technically there aren't any specs out for the discs yet but can we assume that it is in 1080p and with some sort of Dolby Digital soundtrack for the high-def media? The Blu-ray and HD DVD discs are going to retail for $24.98 a piece but their isn't any word on the DVD flavor just yet. So, anyone have plans to pick up all three formats and frame 'em?

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