It's sorta unclear to us exactly how this new flavor of RFID tags is going to prevent wine fraud, but nonetheless, Sontec, a Korean RFID manufacturer is claiming as much. As we noted only a few weeks ago, wine fraud is big business, and every wine and winery from Chateauneuf-du-Pape to Penfolds surely would want a way to prevent their label's image from being tarnished. Sontec's new RFID, which operates at 900MHz, apparently has a range of up to three meters and will include the origin, date of production and distribution channel of the wine. Presumably if a wine (or other spirits) was diluted and still had this tag on it, no one would be the wiser, but given how secure RFID is, it's not like nefarious faux-wine peddlers would even really have to stoop to those means.