NuVo gets into the wireless iPod game

It's not the first wireless iPod dock we've seen, and it's not NuVo's first stab at a wireless music sharing device either, but NuVo's new NV-WIPS multiroom wireless iPod dock looks plenty lovable. The setup is based around a fairly plain-jane iPod dock, which beams out music via the NuVoNet protocol. The stream includes metadata so you can browse playlists via a remote keypad, and you can even control a pair of iPods over one network. The system is completely wireless, relying on a some frequency-hopping 2.4GHz RF tech, and sends CD-quality uncompressed audio. There's a standard RCA jack for hooking up the receiver to your stereo, but at the $600 asking price we wouldn't have minded a bit of S/PDIF. Luckily, there's a $300 version that operates over those boring ol' Cat5 cables. No word on availability, but it it looks like it should be out soon.