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Pioneer's MT-01 Power Line Sound System


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Just as things seemed to be dying down on the ol' HomePlug AV front, Pioneer comes along and tempts us with their new MT-01 Power Line Sound System. Just plug the main control unit and speakers into any available electrical outlet and the Sound Station will pump audio out to six (or less) network speakers scattered about the house. The main Sound Station control unit features 2x USB, one front audio-in and 2x analog-ins for connecting pretty much any audio system (yes, even that one) and supports multi-room playback from two different sources. Besides the control unit, the kit includes one large 2 x 25W Network Speaker, a remote control, and a small 5W Network speaker with motion sensor to automatically turn on when you enter the room. Now that we have your attention you'll have to hold tight 'cause the system won't drop until the end of the month (in Europe anyway) for an undisclosed price.

[Via Impress]

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