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HTC Herald unmasked


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Try as they might, no HTC phone stays hidden for long, and it looks like the QWERTY-rific HTC Herald is the latest of their smartphones to fall prey to a rather convenient leak. As previously rumored, the Herald brings all that HTC Hermes spec love, but in a 17mm-thick form factor. According to hands-on action going on over at SoloPalmari, they're measuring 18mm of thickness, but minor quibbles aside, the phone does seem to be in possession of a 2 megapixel camera, 2.8-inch QVGA screen, miniSD slot, 64MB of RAM, 128MB of ROM and of course that lovable QWERTY keyboard in a notably thin form factor. Unfortunately, nothing much could be verified as far as radios go, such as WiFi and 3G data, but we'll keep our fingers crossed for the Hermes' full complement of 802.11b/g, UMTS and HSDPA. Keep reading for a couple more pics.

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