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T-Mobile to let mylos use HotSpot for free

Cyrus Farivar

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Today Sony and T-Mobile announced a partnership allowing all mylo users (mylers? mylites? mylanta -- nevermind, that's already taken) to use T-Mobile's massive network of WiFi hotspots (appropriately known as HotSpot) for free until late 2007. To get you online hassle-free, Sony will be releasing a "special application" as a virtual permission slip to T-Mobile's network. Now for those of you keeping score, the mylo will cost $350, while a year's subscription to T-Mobile's HotSpot (if you're mylo-less) will cost you $360 -- so if you were thinking about getting T-Mobile anyway, you can now spend basically the same amount and get a cool piece of sexy hardware for free. But most probably, you'll only be able to access the HotSpots directly on the mylo, until of course, someone figures out a workaround.

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