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SDI's iHome2go iH19 and iH26 iPod docks

Thomas Ricker , @trixxy

SDI Technologies have just taken the iHome on the road with their iHome2go series of iPod alarm docks. Oh sure, you could argue about the name -- why not iGo or iRideCoattails, for example -- but there's no denying the magic of that iHome preamble. Available in two flavas, the 2go iH26 is pretty much the iH5 in a new folding design while the 2go iH19 model brings true portability with integrated speakers in a waterproof/shockproof carrying case measuring just 830-grams / 210×90×90-mm or 1.83-pounds / 8.3×3.5×3.5-inches including the 4x AAA batteries it can use for power when away from the mains. Expect the iH19 to pull ¥10,800 (about $91) while the iH26 will set you back approximately ¥14,800 (about $125) when these hit Japan in early November. More pics after the break.

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