Ballmer: Zune to add video sharing ability

We don't mean to harp on the Zune for its faults time and time again, but we do it out of love for high-quality gadgets. That said, we'll be happy to give Microsoft some points this time; Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has just told Bloomberg that the company will be adding video sharing to the media player newcomer -- though no time frame was given. Further, he reiterated what we already knew, namely that the Zune will be combined with a cellphone at some point in the future as well. Ballmer went on to say that he's not worried about Apple's huge lead and market share: "I'm confident we can keep up. They [Apple] have brand and image going for them, and we have some innovative ideas." That's the corporate equivalent of trash talkin' to be sure, but honestly, it's a pretty bad comeback to Jobs' earlier dissing of the Zune. Fellas, let's bury the hatchet right here -- first one to build the iPhone / ZunePhone wins, okay?

[Thanks, Devin]