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iHome iH21 wireless speaker system


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iHome's already been busy this morning and now we can add the iH21 to their product catalog. The kit is said to transmit iPod music anywhere in the house to that "water-resistant" speaker. Get it? You can leave the iPod docked-up, far(ish) away from your filthy azz while streaming music to the speaker in the hot mustiness of nausea you call bathroom. Now, we're not sure what technology they're packing (WiFi, Bluetooth, PowerLine, etc) but we've got a sneakin' suspicion these are Bluetooth-equipped. Hell with EDR, A2DP and AVRCP profiles, that 32 foot transmission range (unobstructed) should be just about right with the remote. But we'll wait for these to be unveiled at CES before getting too riled up.

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