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Qstarz intros the DOUBLE 32 BT-Q818 Bluetooth GPS receiver

Darren Murph

While not quite as unique as Gold Kiwi's most recent device, Qstarz BT-Q818 is handy nonetheless. The DOUBLE 32 Bluetooth GPS receiver purportedly tracks 32 satellites and boasts 32 hours of battery life, theoretically "doubling" your chances of survival when roughing it in the cold, dark wilderness. It also packs a tracking sensitivity of -158dBm, typically acquires a signal in around 39 seconds after booting up, and is Bluetooth v1.2 compliant. This little geo-locator can withstand some pretty serious temperatures too, and while we certainly wouldn't want to be meandering around for 32 hours, you can pick this up for €89 ($117) if you're the uber-adventurous type.

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