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Microsoft extends Xbox 360 warranty to one year, covering most "bricked" consoles


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Sorry Microsoft, hate to be back seat CEOs here, but we really think it might behoove you to actually do the right thing from the start one of these days. We're all proud of you for finally patching things up for your consumers in these recent Xbox problems, but why is it so important that you wait for a class action lawsuit and/or heated public outcry before you come around? Just saying is all. Anyways, if you're one of those recent victims of the Fall 2006 firmware update for the Xbox 360 and had your console bricked, you might be glad to learn that Microsoft has extended its standard 90 day warranty to a full year, and the new warranty applies retroactively. That means current consoles less than a year old are now covered, and those who have paid for repairs for a 360 less than a year old will be reimbursed in 10 weeks ago. We're not exactly sure how this helps those who purchased an Xbox more than a year ago, just to have it bricked by the Fall update, and we're guessing that class action lawsuit isn't going anywhere, but at least it's a good step from Microsoft -- just a few weeks late.

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