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SIXAXIS controller gets a blue LED makeover

Darren Murph

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Who cares about waiting for a patented idea to come to fruition when you can just handle things yourself? In ebphondaprelude's case, the modder apparently didn't feel comfortable waiting for Sony's LED-infused SIXAXIS to make it to market, and cracked open the PlayStation 3 controller for a bit of hackeration. Seemingly on the less difficult end of the DIY spectrum (at least compared to some entries we've seen), this mod simply requires a steady hand, 2.8v LEDs, a bit of wire, and your trusty soldering iron. The end result gives you four LEDs across the top and a PlayStation symbol that emanates blue in the night. So if you've nothing better to do on this first day back from an entirely too short holiday pause, be sure to hit the read link and get to work.

[Via PS3 Scene]

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