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IPTV on Xbox 360 is for real

Peter Rojas

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Yup, as suspected Microsoft is adding IPTV to the Xbox 360. They're way light on details, but during tonight's Microsoft keynote Robbie Bach gave a sneak peek at a new service called IPTV on Xbox 360. Like we guessed, the service will offer live streaming broadcasts, and do stuff like let you play a game on Xbox Live while recording a show in the background. IPTV on Xbox 360 won't be available until the holiday season this year, but they do say that programming will be from providers who are already offering services based on Microsoft TV IPTV Edition. Bach also hinted there will be some social aspects to the service that will "make it easy for people to access and discover their favorite content and share their personal experiences with the communities they are part of." And that's pretty much all we know right now, we probably won't know for months how much the service will cost and whether it'll require a larger drive to work.

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