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Creative gets in on the wireless iPod dock craze with Xdock


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Everyone's crazy for wireless iPod docks and Apple's erstwhile arch-rivals at Creative are no different. They've announced the Xdock Wireless, yet another iPod audio solution delivering audio wirelessly from your iPod to your stereo system. The Xdock uses Creative's Xtreme Fidelity to work its wireless magic (xtremely, we presume) capable of delivering audio to several X-Fi wireless receivers up to 100 feet away. Live in a tiny studio apartment, busy resenting your more successful peers and their fancy multi-room abodes? No worries, you can always plug the Xdock directly into a powered speaker system, or a home theater system to play videos, photos or music. The Xdock should be available this spring for $200, with wireless receivers available for an additional $100. An Xdock Wireless / X-Fi wireless receiver combo should be available for less than $300.

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