Now that CES is over and we are back in the real world where the format war still exists and HD DVD has more movies than Blu-ray it's time to tally up the totals. HD DVD pulls ahead by one more this week, but we can finally make a good prediction about when Blu-ray will surpass them in total titles for sale. Of course this can change as new announcements happen almost instantly and without warning. We are still a little surprised that HD DVD's ace in the hole Universal didn't make any announcements during CES like everyone else, but maybe they don't give in to peer pressure and they choose to announce on their own schedule. If not then Blu-ray will pass HD DVD during the first week of February. Until then HD DVD has Clerks II on tap as well as Poseidon -- Blu-ray finally gets GoodFellas and both camps can enjoy Scooby-Doo.

154 vs Blu-ray 137.


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