Apparently, the millions and millions of consumers keeping these spectacle companies in business don't actually use them in public, as Scalar has somehow justified busting out yet another set of microdisplay-equipped glasses for the world to, um, see. The firm is no stranger to the world of video-enabled glasses, but these tinted gems still retain that terribly unfashionable look while offering up a "virtual 45-inch screen" for commuters to watch while getting unknowingly stared at. The device can reportedly accept nearly any AV input, including that from an iPod or other PMP / DVD player, and gives the illusion that you're viewing a screen from nearly two feet away. The (fairly) lightweight specs weigh in at 40-grams, and while we've no idea why you'd be interested, you can snag the Teleglass T4 in April for a completely ridiculous ¥100,000 ($824). [Warning: Read link requires subscription]

[Via PlasticBamboo]

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