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Takara Tomy's Dacky the Healing Partner robotic dog


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They've already laid claim to "the world's smallest robot" title (sort of) so why not go hog wild and snap up "the world's cutest robot" while they're at it, yeah? 'Cause really, how are you going to get much better than Dacky here, with those big expressive puppy dog eyes and six internal sensors for interacting with his doting human companion? Sure, Dacky has nothing on Pleo for actual robotic complexity, but Dacky can also "learn" up to 650 words in Japanese, after starting off with mere barking. He can ask you about your day, wish you a happy birthday and sing along at karaoke. No word on price, or if Takara Tomy will be shipping this one over to the States, but perhaps we just wouldn't be able to handle this much cute -- it's for our own good.

Update: Tomy let us know it's actually "Dacky" not "Ducky". Alright, sure thing.

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