Bandai's Human Player virtual "pet"

We've seen some virtual pets over the years, but we're not entirely sure what to make of the virtual pet. Do you mate them and create strange new breeds? Or fight them to the death via IR? Apparently (and hopefully) neither this time; Bandai's new Human Player is a little more like you than an amorphous pixelated blob. You start by taking a 50 question "Eco-Gram" that assigns your little avatar one of 22 personalities, which commingles (or rejects) other Human Players, and establishes quaint, confined "interpersonal" relationships. Hits Japan for ¥2,980 ($25); it's certainly a new take on the virtual pet, but still a little creepy for our tastes; we're strongly hoping this isn't how we get reincarnated.

[Via Kilian Nakamura, thanks Michael]