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Drowse Prevention Alarm startles drivers, prevents accidents

Jeannie Choe

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If you're a driver prone to nodding off and awakening to oncoming traffic, Revex's Drowse Prevention Alarm would be well worth the (non-wallet-crushing) ¥1,200 (about $10.30) investment. Dare to tilt your head 10 degrees and an alarm sounds off, reducing the chances of accidents and collisions. The battery-operated, in-ear device has an off, low, and high setting -- potentially dangerous if you fail to choose wisely. Obviously if it's turned off, your chance of barreling off a bridge greatly increases. Try out the low setting, and if you still fall asleep and live through it, you'll know to use the high setting on your next excursion. And if that doesn't work, we suggest you take the bus.

[Via Plastic Bamboo]

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