Corel's Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 Plus does HD DVD / Blu-ray burning

Sure, you might not have expected Corel to be the company bringing you the latest iteration of Ulead's DVD MovieFactory software, but regardless of the distributor, version 6 Plus touts the oh-so-anticipated HD DVD / Blu-ray burning features. The newest edition also sports an Edit Room for polishing up your vidz before hitting the burn button, as well as the more typical storyboard / timeline layouts to organize your efforts. Notably, the software also supports a respectable amount of formats, "allowing users to import, edit, and convert HDV, DivX or AVCHD and output in HD DVD, Blu-ray, or traditional DVD." Potentially the best part lies in the price, however, as the Standard (read: not your cup of tea) version rings up at $49.99, while the high-definition-lovin' Plus flavor only demands $79.99, and both should be available right about now.