Kyocera Bluetooth Music Gateway streams jams from your mobile

Kyocera's Bluetooth Music Gateway most definitely isn't the first of its kind, but the dashing musical liaison is indeed adding a hint of differentiation to the streaming Bluetooth middleman category. Encased in a sleek black / metallic gray enclosure "about the size of a deck of playing cards," the three-ounce BT-enabled device receives streaming tunes via your A2DP-capable cellphone, DAP, or PMP, and then channels the audio to your home stereo via a pair of stereo RCA cables. Furthermore, users with an AVRCP device can enjoy volume / track control right from their mobile, removing the need for a separate remote control and furthering its overall appeal -- and before the non-Bluetooth users go crying foul, Kyocera's also offering up an optional $34.99 adapter that converts any 3.5-millimeter stereo jack into a Bluetooth transmitter. The Bluetooth Music Gateway should be landing sometime in the April timeframe, and you'll be looking at $99.99 with the Wireless Audio Adapter thrown in, or $79.99 without.

[Via Slashphone]