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HP gets busy with new desktops: the s3000, a6000 and m8000 series


So HP's trying to get all lifestyle-friendly with a few new desktop PC designs, and while the looks and form factors aren't a huge departure for HP by any means, the prices are right, specs are decent, and the looks aren't too shabby. The real looker of the bunch is the relatively tiny HP Pavilion Slimline s3000 series, which starts at $500 with an AMD processor and 1GB of RAM, or $550 if you're going the Intel route. You can configure the desktop with a TV tuner, a couple low rent video cards, and there's a Pocket Media Drive bay option if you're into that kind of thing. If that's still too spendy for you, you can grab from the a6000 set, with prices starting at $330 for an Intel processor, 512MB of RAM, a Pocket Media Drive bay, integrated graphics and not much else. Finally, the m8000 desktops get "fancy" with options for HD DVD drives, beefy dual core processors from AMD or Intel, and prices starting at $950. All of the computers come with Vista preloaded -- which might give these limited specs a bit of a work out -- and are available now.