Buffalo's WZR2-G300N and WHR-G125 802.11n and g routers

Wireless adapters wasn't the only new gear Buffalo loosed today. Also hitting the streets are two new AirStation routers, one 802.11n (Wireless-N Nfiniti Router WZR2-G300N offers 802.11n), the other g (Wireless-G High Speed Router WHR-G125). Expect both units to have the usual Buffalo AOSSTM (and DS Lite support), a four port 10/100 switch (where the hell is the gigabit?), WPA2, NAT, SPI firewall, and all the rest of the usual router features that ring in on this gear. The price, however, is somewhat noteworthy: $100 for the n, and $50 for the g, both landing in May.