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Microsoft explains removal of Bluetooth DUN

Brian White
Something that has probably caused quite a few Windows Mobile 5 customers to vent some rage lately was the removal of Bluetooth dial-up networking from AKU3. Why did Microsoft do it? According to a blog entry over at Microsoft's Developer Network, the dirty deed centered around Internet Connection Sharing, or ICS (think "wireless router" capability for your WM5 handset) which is technically superior for a handful of reasons. Translaton: Ole' Softie doesn't want all those spiffy WM handsets from becoming Bluetooth-centric access points to newer 2.5G and 3G wireless data networks. Fair enough; Bluetooth's peak data rates don't stand a chance against the best that HSDPA can throw at it, but still, old-fashioned dialup has its place. The good news here? Microsoft has heard the pleas of DUN-less users everywhere and plans to bring back the profile in a future Windows Mobile 6 AKU. Little consolation for the moment, but thanks to the vibrant hack community, we imagine most of us will have no trouble getting in on said AKU when the time comes.