Symbian is back in the news this morning after another night of promiscuity. Having been spotted shacking-up with with LG and Google just yesterday, the Nokia bedfellow was just outed with this cutie, Samsung's new SGH-i400 smartphone. It's not the first Samsung S60 slider we've seen, nor will it be the last. In addition to some pretty bold "symbian OS" branding in the upper-right corner, the i400 brings a regular ol' 2 megapixel camera, dedicated MP3 key, stereo speakers, A2DP Bluetooth, MicroSD expansion, and support for full web browsing on its 2.3-inch "wide display." No word on a 3G radio here so we'll have to assume the worst (tri-band GSM/EDGE). We do know that it'll make its debut in Russia in July and then "other European countries" shortly thereafter. Hey Russia, welcome to Europe!

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