Dopod's C720W curiously left out of WM6 upgrade plans

We applaud Dopod's effort (or should we say HTC's effort?) in keeping its devices updated with all that warm, buttery Windows Mobile 6 goodness, but one rather notable handset has strangely been left out in the cold: the C720W, Dopod's flavor of the HTC Excalibur. We know there aren't any technical limitations to making it happen on account of T-Mobile's valiant effort to get the upgrade out for its Dash, so this all smells a little funny. One nefarious theory is that Dopod is looking to nudge folks into dropping their Excaliburs in favor of a shiny new C730 (the Cavalier, in HTC parlance). Whatever the reason -- come on, Dopod, do the right thing here.

[Thanks, James]