Replacing the good, old fashioned numeric keypad with a touch sensitive display seems to be all the rage these days -- not to mention a certain phone from Apple that intends to bury buttons for good. We're still a little skeptical that the concept is easy to use, but we've gotta admit, this here IM-R200 from Pantech's upmarket SKY brand is way cool looking. Up top you have a 2 inch QVGA LCD accompanied by a 1.6 inch OLED touchscreen on the bottom that changes functionality and appearance depending on the handset's current mode. There's a 2 megapixel cam in back (with face recognition for improved focus, no less) and a VGA counterpart in front. There's no sign of this one ever finding its way out of Korea, but if you happen to be there, look for it on SK Telecom and KTF this month. [Warning: subscription required]

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