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Engadget: 1, Fake Engadget store: 0

Peter Rojas

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Remember that fake Engadget store in Malaysia that stole our name and logo and then pretended they'd never heard of us when one of our readers dropped by and called them on it? Well, we have some good news: the bastards are out of business! Or at least they've stopped using our name! Not sure exactly what happened, but reader Kurt Low dropped by the Midvalley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur the other day and discovered that the "Engadget" store had been replaced by a new tech shop called "". (We thought that maybe they'd decided to rip off some other tech site, but a visit to reveals only a placeholder for a site that doesn't exist yet.) Anyway, big ups to all our Malaysian readers for boycotting the "Engadget" store, looks like we won this round!

[Thanks, Kurt]

UPDATE: A couple of people wrote in to point out that if you compare this new photo with some of the older ones for the Engadget store it looks like it's the same business -- "Pusat Komputer" -- and that as we suspected all they've done is changed the name of their store. Which is definitely all we really wanted in the first place.

UPDATE 2: Argh, turns out that "Pusat Komputer" just means "computer store", so it doesn't necessarily mean that the people who own this new shop are the same people who opened the fake Engadget store. If anyone in Kuala Lumpur happens to visit the store, could you ask 'em what's up?

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