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Mondo intros "new age" Mondo Mint iPod sound system


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Those of you still not satisfied with the multitude of iPod sound systems out there may want to give this latest unit from upstart Mondo some consideration, which offers much of what you'd expect along with a couple of less-than-common bonuses. At the center of the system is a Class-D digital amplifier, which pumps out 70 watts of power to the two two-way, wood-construction speakers (consisting of Peerless neodymium tweeters and 4-inch AuraSound aluminum cone woofers). You'll also get not one, but two iPod docks: one on the amplifier itself, and one on the included wireless dock, which will let you control the system from up to 100 feet away (a standard remote control is included as well). Mondo's also thankfully seen fit to include a a USB port and a line-in jack for your non-iPod audio needs. Look for this one to be available on June 11th for $349.

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