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Creative intros Xmod Wireless sound system


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Creative has already extended its X-Fi audio processing technology beyond its sound cards (most recently to iPods), but it now looks to be trying to plant the sound-boosting gear in the rest of your house, and it's hoping that its new Xmod Wireless system will be the device to do it. As with its other X-Fi products, Creative is boasting that the system will make "MP3s sound better than CDs," with no setup or configuration required. Unlike the standard standard Xmod device, however, you won't have to sit at your computer to enjoy that impressive, if somewhat questionable feat, with the main Xmod Wireless unit able to transmit tunes to up to four receivers within a 100 foot range (only one is included). You're also apparently able to use the included remote with both the transmitter and receiver to control volume, song selection, and other functions. There's no WiFi here though, just the good 'ol 2.4GHz frequency -- which would seem to open up the possibility of interference, although Creative seems confident that won't be a problem. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can snag the bundle of one transmitter and one receiver now for $200, and as many additional receivers as you like for $100 apiece.

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