We know we get repetitive with cries of "why not us?" so we'll save you the noise and get straight to it with nary a whimper (or at least as close to nary as we can get). Sony Ericsson's new sliding W52S -- released for Japan's KDDI network and part of the recently announced summer lineup -- rings in with so many impressive features we are almost stuck with where to start. The new beast comes in three color choices: Arpeggio Blue, Pizzicato Pink, and Harmonics White, all featuring a 2 megapixel camera with autofocus, 2.7 inch 432 X 240 BRAVIA display, and 2GB of internal memory that can be augmented with either M2 or MicroSD memory cards. The handset's huge internal memory can be used to store a pile of music that can then be broadcast via a built-in FM transmitter, played back through the stereo headset or via the stereo speakers mounted on the rear -- and managed with a color-keyed remote control. This handset also incorporates Sony's "Visual Music Sensation" with user selectable on-screen animations that rock to whatever you are listening to. As mentioned above we aren't gonna complain that this isn't coming our way, but we do hope for a suitably equipped clone in the coming months, as this thing is simply, wow.

[Via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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Sony Ericsson releases W52S, Engadget Mobile swoons

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