Sony's been known to toss out some fairly glitzy portable DVD players in the past, and it's keeping the tradition alive by cranking out the relatively sexy DVP-FX850. The clamshell player sports a "high-resolution" eight-inch widescreen LCD and 180-degree swivel, claims up to six hours of battery life, and plays nice with just about every flavor of DVD (yes, that includes the eight-centimeter variety) you can think of. Moreover, users will be happy to see DivX support tacked on, an AV input / output, twin headphone jacks, digital audio output, a 12-bit / 108MHz DAC, and a worldwide power supply. Notably, Sony also tossed in a USB port for loading up music and photos whilst on the go, and even includes a slim wireless remote for handling the controls from afar. Look for this kid-pleasing gizmo to land sometime next month (and hopefully in America).