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Brando's versatile universal solar charger

Darren Murph

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Relying on the sun to juice up your gadgetry is nothing new, but Brando has deviated from its cockamamie ways a bit and actually cranked out a product that is remarkably useful. The Universal Solar Charger was designed to fit neatly in your knapsack whilst traveling and provide power to any number of mobile devices via the use of adapters. Users can rely on sunlight or default to an AC outlet if stuck indoors, and most notably, the switchable voltage function allows you to handle a vast array of devices without damaging any circuitry. Unfortunately, the status quo of sub-$30 or so for a Brando gizmo has been shattered by this one, but if you're a worldwide traveler looking for portable (and renewable) power, $69 still ain't too bad.

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