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Sharp's HN-VA40S HomePlug AV 4-port Ethernet HUB: HD streaming over electrical wiring


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High definition video streaming over power jacks? We say bring it Sharp, if you can. Meet the HN-VA40S pair, a HomePlug AV 1.1 PowerLine Computing (PLC) solution with the promise of an effective 85Mbps (200Mbps theoretical) across your home's electrical outlets -- ample bandwidth and QoS to stream HD video throughout the home. The ¥17,000 (about $137) HN-VA10 adapter feeds whatever data you bung down its Ethernet jack to the 4-port, ¥13,000 (about $105) HN-VA40 Ethernet hub plugged into any outlet up to 150-meters away. Better yet, save a few bills and buy the set for about ¥24,000 (about $194) when these ship August 24th in Japan. Don't be shy now; you can connect up to 16 units to the same network although we'd suggest waiting for a review before dropping that much dough.

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